Robert Burns Cottage Ayr – Scotland’s National Poet

For visitors to Scotlands west coast, the Robert Burns Cottage Ayr is worth paying a visit. Apart from the cottage there are other sites you may want to visit depending on how interested you are on the poet and his works.

There is the Auld Kirk, the Burns Monument and Memorial Garden, as well as the Brig o’ Doon, and the gardens all found in the Alloway area.

I have chosen three places of interest on the road south of Ayr which I think would make a good day trip out. This could be done by those having only a short stay in the area. Others might want to spread it out a bit more if they have more time available in Ayr.

The Robert Burns Cottage is the first place you will come to on this route. Second is the Electric Brae, or Croy Brae as it is known locally.

This strange phenomenon you will pass on route to my third suggestion which is the beautiful Culzean Castle.

If you head south from Ayr on the coast road of Ayrshire Scotland, you will be treated to some fine coastal scenery as well as interesting places to visit.

The distance from Ayr to Culzean Castle is only 12.5 miles and as mentioned a trip you could fit into a day or so depending on the amount of time you wish to spend in each location.

Robert Burns Cottage Birthplace Museum

Front view of robert burns cottage Alloway AyrBurns Cottage is nowadays known as the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. It sits in the southern outskirts of the county town of Ayr in the area named Alloway.

It’s only a short journey from Ayr and here you will find a clay-built cottage, consisting of, two rooms with a thatched roof.

Robert Burns’s father, William Burnes, built the cottage in the year 1757. Robert was born in the cottage on the 25th of January 1759, where he lived until he was seven years old.

Both Robert and his brother, changed the name spelling from Burnes, to Burns, after their father’s death. This can be viewed, in the kirkyard of The Auld Kirk in Alloway, on the father’s grave. Scotland’s national poet’s birthday is celebrated not only in Scotland, but also in many countries of the world, such is the popularity of his works.

The simple two roomed cottage soon became too small to house all the family, which you must bear in mind, was shared with the livestock in those days. So, when Robert was seven, the family moved to better suited accommodation, a little more than a mile along the road.

There are many interesting artefacts on view in the cottage, for you to pass away an hour or so. These days, the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, is operated by the National Trust for Scotland.

Alloway Auld Kirk Grave Yard

Auld Kirk Alloway where robert burns's father is buriedOther associated places to visit, which are very close by are, the Auld Kirk Alloway, the Burns Monument and Memorial Garden, as well as the Brig o’ Doon, and the gardens.

The Auld Kirk Alloway is famed for the Burns tale, “Tam O’ Shanter”. In this poem Burns spins the tale about a local farmer named Tam who is a little bit more than fond of a drink or two.

Tam rides Meg his trusty steed home in a storm while noticing the Auld Kirk of Alloway lit up and haunted with warlocks and witches dancing around to the skirl of the pipes being played by the devil himself.

Learn more about Robert Burns Cottage with the National Trust For Scotland website.


Video Below Features the Robert Burns Cottage Ayr

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