Culzean Castle Ayrshire – Clan Kennedy Home

Front View of Culzean CastleFollowing on from Robert Burns cottage in Alloway, and the Electric Brae visit, we now carry on our journey to visit the beautiful Culzean Castle Ayrshire.

On the A719 road glimpses of Culzean Castle can be seen standing on a cliff, looking out to sea. Some nice views of the castle can be seen, by driving down to the upper car park, at Croy shore beach. Carrying on the A719 for a further 10 miles will bring you to Culzean.

The chief of Clan Kennedy, the Marquess of Ailsa, used to own the castle until 1945. But today it is owned and run, by the National Trust for Scotland. The castle enjoys some beautiful clifftop views over the Firth of Clyde, and is set in a forested park, with pleasant walks running down to a sandy shore.

Famous Oval Staircase in Culzean

oval staircase in Culzean CastleThe 10th Earl of Cassilis, is responsible for the rebuilding of the then existing castle.

He instructed Robert Adam, an architect of high esteem during the 18th century, to create the castle that we see today.

The rebuild was carried out between 1777 and 1792 and features a grand oval staircase, which spirals its way up through the middle of this fine country house.

Entertainment would be held in the area, known as the Round Drawing Room. From here, guests would be able to take in the fine panoramic scenery, stretching along the Firth of Clyde.

Circular Rooms Presented to Dwight D. Eisenhower at Culzean Castle

The oval staircase also provides access to apartment suites, of equal elegance.

Part of the agreement, when the castle was passed on to the National Trust for Scotland, was to ensure that the uppermost apartment, be presented to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

This was to be a thank you to the American Army General, for services performed as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe, during World War 2.

The castle was home to the General on four occasions from 1946, including a time, when he was the United States President.

The ties with Culzean Castle and America don’t end there. The castle was refurbished and opened up again in April 2011, after the National Trust for Scotland were generously gifted a donation by William Lindsay.

Mr. Lindsay, an American millionaire, seemingly had been interested in the holidays Dwight D. Eisenhower had spent at Culzean. And this, even though Lindsay had never set foot on Scottish soil.

The Majestic Armory Room at The Castle

the armory room at culzean castleThe 600-acre, Culzean Castle Country Park estate receives around a quarter of a million visitors each year.

You will find plenty to do for all the family both indoors and outdoors, as well as having access to an onsite restaurant. There is a huge armoury display which is the biggest of its kind, and only surpassed by the display found at Windsor Castle, owned by Her Majesty the Queen.

If castle living is for you, then a booking can be made to stay in a suite, or a bedroom, in the grand circular Drawing Room, as a special treat. Or even book up, the entire Eisenhower as it is referred to, for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or just about any special event you have coming up.

Spectacular Sunset Views of the Isle of Arran Seen on Route From the Castle Back to Ayr

Spectacular sunsets of Arran on the road from Culzean Castle to AyrOn the return journey from Culzean Castle Ayrshire, you will have the opportunity to take a final look at the Electric Brae and Robert Burns cottage.

It will depend on the time of year and what time you leave Culzean for your return journey to Ayr, what views you will be treated to.

There are some stunning sunsets to be seen over the Firth of Clyde as the setting sun drops down behind the isle of Arran.

The most spectacular time is in June and August although when conditions are right a variety of evening sunsets can be seen all year round.

If time permits a quick visit can be made to the little fishing village of Dunure on the road home. Apart from the attractive harbour there is also the ruined Dunure castle to view.

Culzean Castle Ayrshire Video

View a short video below all about the castle.

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